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“ICT helps to make learning even more fun!”  Gabrielle Murray

“ICT helps us to work independently and provides access to lots of information.” Katie Lowey

“My favourite App is Maths Bingo because it helps with my times tables.”   Athalia Keesz



1) Q Rafter

2) Pages

3) Keynote

4) Book Creator

5) Photospeak

6) Twinkl Phonics

7) Studio FX

8) iMovie

9) Maths Zombies

10) Photobooth


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My favourite educational App is My Spellings”   Gabrielle Murray Y4

“My favourite App is Book Creator. I can create my own books and publish them into the iBooks library.”  Issy Walsh Y6

“I really like doing Art on the iPad. I can use the App ‘Brushes’ to create wonderful pieces of artwork which are completely different to what i can do with a pencil.”