We are very proud of those children who attend additional activities out of school.  Lots of children attend classes such as Dance, Gymnastics, Karting, drama, swimming, plus lots more and are also part of various local Football teams.

We love to hear about extra achievements that children accomplish out of school and celebrate the great news with everyone.

Athalia Keesz performing at Prescot Festival Young Instrumentalist Celebration.

Amber and Jason Roscoe participating in the Skating Stars competition at Widnes Silverblades ice rink. Both got through from 70 children to the final 10, and Ambers now in the final 5. Both have shown great perseverance and achieved great ice grades with Jason gaining ice skating grade 6 within just 12 weeks.

Lois O’Donoghue appeared at the Theatre Royal St. Helens in the Pantomime Snow White, oh yes she did.