Applying for a place at this school.

Knowsley Village Primary School is a community primary school.We welcome visits to the school by families who may be interested in applying – please ring 0151 289 5349 and we can make an appointment for you to come and see us.

School Admission Policy for Reception Places

We are delighted to announce that the  admissions number for Knowsley Village   is now 30. This is as a result of being previously oversubscribed for 5 years.

Following the granting of planning permission, work is now in progress to create an additional classroom base within the school premises and is expected to be operational for the 2017/18 school year. This additional classroom will result in an increase to the net capacity assessment and enable the school to return to an organisation of single age classes across all year groups. The Local Authority will formally determine an admission number of 30 for 2018/19. This statement is to ensure transparency for all potential applicants to the school during the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school years.

Under the provisions of the School Admissions Code, The Governors of Knowsley Village Primary School have agreed with the Local Authority (the Admission Authority) that, effective from November 2016, they will admit up to a maximum of 30 children across all year groups in the school (reception to year 6).

Due to the change in the admission number there are now some place available in year groups that previously were not.Please contact the school office for year group availability.

Knowsley Village admissions further info.

Paper copies are available from school or from the Knowsley Inclusion Team (Admissions) by phoning 0151 443 5142/3. The booklet gives you all the information you’ll need to apply for school places. Up to date admission policies will be sent to schools in each new academic year and given to parents.

Any appeals for Places are carried out via the Local Authority and not the school. Parents should contact the Local Authority if they wish to appeal.


Applications for places in the Reception class are made between September and January each year. So applications  for September 2017 are in by mid-January 2017 It’s really important to apply on time. Details of how to apply and other useful information are given in the admission booklet.

Applications at other times / Mid year Applications

If you are moving to this area and are interested in a place for your child, please get in touch with the school. We are happy to make an appointment for you to view the school. There is an In-Year Application form  available from the school office to complete. For places in Years 1-6 Please ring the school re available places. In classes from Years 1 to 6 we do offer an internal waiting list and places will be offered if they become available. Any appeals for places are made via the Local Authority and not through the school.

Nursery Admissions

We take pupils into the nursery on a termly basis –  the term following the child’s third birthday. There is a local authority nursery booklet which includes the application form available on the Knowsley Council website or from the school. You can use this form wherever you live.

NB Obtaining a place in the nursery does not give your child automatically result admission to reception class – you still need to apply for a reception place at the right time.


If you have any queries about how to apply for this school, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or call in. The Inclusion Team ( LA Admissions) can also assist with general advice