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Team Captains


Captain – Libby
Vice-Captain – James O


Captain – James M
Vice-Captain – Othniel


Captain – Alfie
Vice-Captain – Olivia


Captain – Crystal
Vice-Captain – Zack

Libby “If you have a problem, you can come to me. I will respect what you say if you have a worry”.

James O “I will make you smile, and when you’re sad, I can make you happy. If you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me”.

James M “I am very kind to everyone. I share all of the equipment with everyone and I don’t leave anyone out. I make sure everyone has a turn”.

Othniel  “I will be a good role-model by always following school rules. I will always have nice manners and outstanding behaviour”.

Alfie  ‘’ I am kind and I have manners and I listen ‘’.

Olivia  “I do a lot of teamwork with other children. I really like working with friends, and I love to build  friendships”.

Crystal “I will always help because I am very respectful and responsible”.

Zack   “I am a really good term player and a really good listener ”.

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