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Sports Premium

Sports Premium Allocation

The purpose of the funding allocated to school is to improve the provision of PE and physical activity and to develop healthy lifestyles.


2019/20 – £17,490
2020/21 – £17,460
2021/22 – £17,483

Key Achievements to date:

  • Engagement of children in regular physical activity beyond PE. Health for School Award
  • Daily timetabled sports coach from N to Y6
  • Sports events : Competitions. Sports Quality Mark Achieved
  • Health For School GOLD award achieved
  • Celebration of sports achievements weekly
  • Inclusion through sport
  • Physical activity promoted at break and lunch times
  • Daily Mile
  • Timetabled health for school sessions and initiatives
  • Values and ethos around sports and physical activity promoted
  • Sports Teams
  • Sports Leaders
  • Children’s University
  • Extended After School clubs
  • Identified Gifted and Talented children in sports

In our school the Sports Coach promotes:

  • Healthy Bodies, Healthy Hearts and Healthy Minds
  • Inclusion through sport
  • Impact on academic confidence
  • Competitions
  • Growth Minset
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Confidence
  • Respect
  • Participation
  • Motivation
  • Enjoyment
  • Team work
  • Resilience
  • Success
  • Learning Behaviour
  • Responsibility

Projects supported via Sport Funding: See Sports Premium Strategy plan Below

  • Full Time Sports Coach  to engage all pupils in regular physical activity
  • Raise the profile of PE
  • CPD
  • Sports Quality Mark next level
  • Offering a range of sports and activities
  • Increased participation in competitive sports

The provision  is sustainable and strategic due to the full time permanent employment of the sports coach.The strategy is reviewed  and reported to the Governing Body termly. Outline of expenditure is in Sports premiums plans. This is subject to change and reviewed regularly.

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