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Year 5

In Year 5 we are… 

…Readers! We have read a variety of texts this year both linked to our writing topics and for pleasure. We have a wonderful class library and enjoy the freedom to choose a book from our well-stocked school library too. 
…Writers! We follow Pathways to Write and we love our topics linked to colourful, engaging picture books and novels. We have written leaflets, Chinese Myths, Fairytales, Biographies, Diaries and much more! We practise our writing skills using our mastery keys and have come a long way since September!
…Mathematicians! We have learned a lot in Year 5 and have made some great progress. We practise new skills through fluency work and then use these skills to solve more ticky problems. The most important thing we have learned is that mistakes are ok and to never give up. Every mistake helps take us a step closer to success.
…Historians! This year we have journeyed through ancient China and learned about warrior queen Fu Hao, oracle bones and the great Shang Dynasty. We have begun to delve into the lands of ancient Greece and the magnificent legacy they left behind for a democratic world full of philosophy, science, art and culture. 
…Geographers! We dug into our Sow, Grow and Farm topic, learning all about where food is grown and why. We’ve studied climate, how to read maps and delved into our local topography. We have even created treasure hunts around the school grounds using our cartography skills.
…Artists! We have studied Picasso and learned about line drawing. We have looked at the work of Rebrandt and learned about creating light and shade. We have painted landscapes and considered the great work of artists such as Monet. We have created taotie inspired art using plaster casts and land art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.
…Scientists! We have experimented with materials and their properties, found out about life-cycles and reproduction in human beings and journeyed from Earth into space to find out about the planets, stopping to create our own green screen presentations from a planet in our solar system. We have explored forces and mechanisms from friction to gravity, gears to pulleys and levers.
…Musicians! We have learned to sing songs from a variety of genres from rock music to jazz. We have played our glockenspiels and learned about rhythm, pitch and rounds. Many of us sing with the choir and some of us have joined our school keyboard club.
…Computing whizzes! We have created green screen videos, programmed games, published e-books and made avatars. We know all about how to stay safe online and can give good advice to others about this too. We understand how the WWW works.
…Designers and Makers! We have designed and made objects using pneumatic systems including talking boxes and helpful household items. We have researched and created our own recipes for seasonal soups and are looking forward to finishing the year with an architecture project.
Sports heroes! We have practised our dance and gymnastic skills, learned how to work as a team and enjoyed football and basketball this year. We have shown off our athletic prowess by triple jumping, long jumping, javelin throwing and sprinting and even learned how to orienteer around the school grounds.

Useful information about Year 5:

Homework is set each Friday and can be submitted on Seesaw.

Spellings and times tables are also set each Friday and will be tested the following week.

Our PE session is Tuesday. Children should come to school on this day in their school PE kit.

Year 5 Long Term Plan

Curriculum Plans can be viewed on our Curriculum pages.

Home and School Learning 

Please access your home and school Learning account through Seesaw. Choose “I’m a Student” and scan QR code or input your unique number.  Please share your learning experiences via Seesaw.

Further activities can be completed via the following resources: KS2 Apps for Learning

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