We value feedback from all.

“I had a lovely day.  The children were very well-behaved and some of the best ‘tidy-up times’ I’ve ever seen.”  S.Cairns (Supply)

“Year 2 are a lovely class to teach.  Good behaviour and worked well.” (Supply)

“I had a fantastic day! What a fabulous school.  Many thanks, Y5/6 were lovely.”  R.Bennett (Supply)

“A lovely day with Year 1.  Staff and children are welcoming and helpful.” (Supply)

Most recently parent surveys were completed at home and we received some very positive feedback, which we are very proud of.  Some of the questions we asked included:

  • Is your child happy in school?
  • Do you have enough opportunity to talk to / discuss issues with your child’s class teacher?
  • Does your child feel safe / secure in school?
  • Do you need / have any help or guidance with reading at home?
  • Do you need want any help or guidance with your child’s maths?
  • Are you happy with your child’s progress?

Survey results can be accessed by clicking on the files below:

Parents Evening Survey October 18

Parents Evening October 18 comments

Health For School Survey 2017

Parents Evening Survey Results Nursery/Rec 2016

Parents Evening Survey Results KS1/2 March 2016

Parents Evening Survey Results 2017

Parents Evening Survey Results 2016

Parents Evening Survey Results 2015

KS2 Survey Results

KS1 Survey Results

Parents Evening Survey Results April 2018

My child has come on leaps and bounds since starting Knowsley Village”

 “My daughter loves school and misses it of a weekend”

 “Great teachers. great facilities very happy

 I Would like to thank all of the staff at Knowsley Village Primary for all their hard work”

“A school which any child would be happy to attend”

 “Excellent school, fantastic in all areas”

 “Our children are happy, feel they can be themselves and so have an enthusiasm for learning”

 “Love this small school, teachers are lovely .Very helpful”

 “My child feels happy in school”

 “Exceptional school so proud to be part of it”

 “Our children are thriving in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and fun”

 “Lovely school very helpful all round. All teachers are wonderful and school ran excellent”

 “Wonderful school, nothing else to say but thank you all”

 “Fab! Best school”

 “My children ask to go to school on a Saturday and Sunday”

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