Staff September 2017

Head Teacher:
Mrs J Barlow  ( Child/ Protection/Safeguarding  Lead)

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs J Greensmith ( Deputy Child Protection/Safeguarding Lead)

Teaching Staff:          
Mrs J Greensmith –  Year 2 Teacher,  SENCO, KS1 Phase Leader

Mrs G Hillyer –  Y6 Teacher, KS2 Phase Leader

Mrs C Ford – Nursery Teacher , FS Phase Leader, Extended Child Care Offer Lead,

Mrs C Healey – Y4 Teacher   SENCO Support

Mr D Dixon – Y5 Teacher

Mrs L Rowe – Y3 Teacher

Mrs A Abrams – Reception Teacher, Children’s University Lead

Miss Riley- Year 1 teacher

Mrs L Murray – ICT Lead Teacher across the school

Teaching Assistants:    

Mrs V Allan  PPA and Intervention Groups

Mrs E Wardle   KS2 PP Intervention Lead, Reading Ambassador

Miss H Cuthell   Key Stage 1 , After School Club Lead

Miss K Williams  Key Stage 2

Mrs J Walker  Foundation Stage: Speech and Language

Miss S Taylor  Foundation Stage

Miss B Schofield  Foundation Stage

Miss K Oxton       Key stage 2

Miss B Ronan       Key Stage 2

Mrs Travis Maths Ambassador KS2  Breakfast Club Lead

Mr S McCluskey Sports and Health for Schools Lead

Non-teaching staff:
Mrs J Gallivan – Business Manager, EVC

Mr C Doyle – Premises Officer, Health and Safety

Mrs M Roscoe – Administrator Support

Miss L Gould – Apprentice Office Support

Mrs S Mosely – Head Chef
Mrs C Halliday – Cook
Mrs D Fyles – Cook

Welfare Assistants:

Mrs K McArdle KS1

Mrs B Tennant Ks2

Mrs C Travis  KS2  Lead Welfare

Miss B Ronan Foundation Stage

Mr McCluskey KS2

Extended Staff: 

Mrs W Colbeck – Children’s Welfare Support
Mr G Gornall –  LA Attendance Officer
Mr C Wright – ICT Support
Ms Farrell – Southern Area Support (SEN)
Ms J Harrington – SPLD teacher
Mr M Vaudrey – Children’s University ‘Enrich Education’
Mr P Brennan – Peripatetic/Guitar

Mr S Clarke– Educational Psychologist


Comments from pupils

“Mrs Barlow is a great headteacher who knows each and every one of us. She gives lots of rewards!”

“Mrs Roscoe is caring.”

“Mrs Abrams is a helpful teacher with a warm heart.”

“Mrs Ford is helpful and kind.”

“We learnt so much with Mrs Woods in reception class because she is a brilliant teacher.”

“Mrs Greensmith is a fabulous teacher who is always happy.”

“Mrs Hillyer is very organised and plans trips to Robinwood.  You can be guaranteed whatever the subject, it will be fun!”

“Mrs Allan is fantastic. She makes our learning fun!”

“Mrs Tennant is very kind and she listens to us all.”

“Mrs Mosely makes delicious food.”

“Miss Riley is kind and caring.”

“Mrs Barlow and Mrs greensmith guard our hears and minds”

“Mrs Gallivan knows the tooth fairy and gives us lots of stickers”

“Miss Rowe is a lovely teacher. We make lots of exciting things. She makes learning fun”

“Mr Dixon is tall and loves sport and he smiles a lot”