Year 6

Year 6 have had a great start to the new school year. They began with a residential trip to Robinwood Old School in Todmorden. The children took part in many activities over the 3 days and 2 nights. Some of these included climbing, trapeze, bouldering and crate challenge. All of the children had a great time and were, once again, congratulated for their teamwork and excellent behaviour at the centre.

The whole school took part in voting for the Year 6 Team captains and Vice-captains in September.

RUBY – Captain-Lois O’Donoghue

Vice-Captain-Shea Kelly

EMERALD – Captain-Kyle Lyons

Vice-Captain-Amelia Rose

SAPPHIRE – Captain-Caroline Doyle

Vice-Captain-Tillie Haddley

TOPAZ – Captain-Freddie Warren

Vice-Captain-Beth Lewis

Our curriculum topic this half term has been World War II. The children have worked really well finding out about evacuation by imagining we were being evacuated and we had to being our suitcase into school, how and why the war started and what happened during the Blitz.




In PE, we have been learning the skills to play badminton.

PE is on a Thursday.

Curriculum Plans can be viewed on our Curriculum Pages.

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