The Science Quality Mark * Our school’s journey to Science Quality Mark

We thoroughly enjoyed the recent Science workshop: a performance about the brain, how it functions and how we learn best.

Our Long Term Science Curriculum Plans can be viewed here. Y1-6 SCIENCE LTP


How many of these amazing facts do you know?

Materials and their properties

* Materials have different properties

* Some materials are magnetic but most are not

* All materials can be sorted into natural or man made.

* Water turns to steam when heated but on cooling returns to water

* Materials change when they are cooled


Life Processes and Living Things

* Humans have five senses – taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell

* We all need oxygen to stay alive

* Humans and animals grow and change

* Animals, including humns, produce young and these grow into adults

* Babies and children need to be looked after while they are growing

* Drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol can harm your body

* Your heart pumps blood around your body

* Plants grow and make seeds

* A plant has a leaf, root, stem and flower

* Plants need light, wtaer and air to grow

* You will find different plants and animals in different locations and they will be suited to where they live.


Physical Processes

* Sound is heard through our ears

* Sound gets louder the nearer you are to the source

* Mains electricity is dangerous

* A battery needs to be connected by both the positive and negative pole nefore electricity will flow

* You need a complete circuit with a battery for electricity to flow

* Some metals are magnetic

* Light comes from a source and there are many different sources

* Shiny objects can only reflect light and therefore do not shine in the dark

* Light helps us to see

* It is dangerous to look directly at the sun

* Pushes and pulls are forces that can make things speed up, slow down or change direction