Pupil Premium Allocation and Impact

At Knowsley Village Community School all members of teaching staff, non-teaching staff and governors are committed to meeting the pastoral, social and academic needs within a whole school caring environment for all children.  At Knowsley Village Community Primary School our priority is ALL children and through Pupil Premium Funding we are committed to focusing on ‘diminishing the difference’ and improving pupils life chances for all.

Who is eligible for Free School Meals? (FSM )

A pupil is eligible if they receive any of the following:

  • Universal credit
  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job seekers allowance
  • Income related Employment and Support allowance
  • Child Tax Credit* please ask for more detail on this

The subsidy also includes children who are looked after and children of service families.

Free School Meal Application Form

If you require further information regarding the Pupil premium Allocation, please ask at the school office.  A copy of our Pupil Premium Policy and strategy can be viewed by clicking on the link below which gives more detail on the breakdown of the allocation.

Pupil Premium Strategy  

Our strategy is aimed at removing barriers  and securing support for the following areas: (See Full strategy Document in link below)

  • Facilitating pupils’ access to education
  • Facilitating pupils’ access to the curriculum
  • Facilitating access to specialist support teaching
  • Facilitating social inclusion
  • Securing attainment and progress
  • Securing additional teaching and learning opportunities
  • Securing additional social and emotional opportunities
  • Securing extended opportunities within school* Securing tailored resources
  • Securing  Extended Services

Currently we have 43 ( including ever 6) children eligible for Pupil Premium for 2018/19 ( census 2018). We currently have one child looked after or children from service families. The school has been allocated £62,040 for 2018/19 (based on  2018 census)

For 2018/19 the funding will be used for:

  • Targeted support teaching and intervention from an outstanding teacher and TA
  • Performing Arts and Music
  • Inclusion through sports
  • Extended specialised staff to support specific needs ( children with SEND and FSM)
  • TA delegated to support progress
  • Attendance Support
  • Social Inclusion
  • Digital Resources, teaching and learning

The Headteacher and pupil Premium Champion will report to the Governing Body on:

  • Yearly review of the strategy and policy
  •  Termly monitoring on outcomes
  • Removal of barriers
  • Access to all educational opportunities
  • Implementation of provision
  • Impact on attainment and progress
  • Impact of funding on outcomes

Children’s outcomes will be tracked through the formative and summative assessment procedures and impact will be measured against  individual expected and more than expected progress and against all children, at Knowsley Village and nationally.

Current and Historical Allocations

2012/13 £26,789

2013/14 £38,700

2014/15 £57,466

2015/16 £47,520

2016/17 £54,120

2017/18 £51,480

2018/19 £62,040

* these allocations are subject to change based on pupil numbers eligible at the time of the school census


Impact of Pupil Premium

*2014/15- FSM results

At the end of Key Stage 2

Writing attainment  level 4  83%

Reading attainment Level 4  100%

Maths attainment Level 4  92%

Level 4 attainment in reading writing maths 80%

2015/16- FSM results

At the end of Key Stage 2

Writing Expected level    FSM  80%        All  pupils   88%    National All Pupils 74%

Reading Expected level  FSM  60%         All pupils   72%    National all pupils 66%

Maths Expected level      FSM  70 %       All pupils    78%    National all pupils 70%

2016/17- FSM results

At the end of Key Stage 2

Writing TA  Expected level    FSM  KV  70%        All  pupils KV   88%   National All Pupils 76%

Reading Expected level           FSM KV  60%         All pupils  KV  73%   National All Pupils 71%

Maths Expected level               FSM KV  90 %       All pupils Kv    96%    National All Pupils 75%

SPAG Expected Level               FSM  KV  80%      All pupils KV    88%    National All Pupils 77%

Science Expected Level           FSM KV 80%.   All pupils KV 92%          National All Pupils 82/86%

Combined RWM                       FSM KV  60%        All Pupils KV   73%    National All Pupils 61%

2017/18- FSM results

At the end of Key Stage 2

Writing Expected level    FSM  87%        All  pupils   89%      National All Pupils 78%

Reading Expected level  FSM  75%         All pupils   83%       National all pupils 75%

Maths Expected level     FSM  87 %        All pupils    83%      National all pupils 75%

Combined RWM             FSM  50%          All Pupils 67%         National All Pupils 64%

Science Expected level  FSM 100%         All pupils 94.5%      National All Pupils TBC

SPAG Expected Level   FSM  75%            All pupils  72%        National All Pupils TBC


Policy and strategy to be reviewed and updated Autumn


Pupil Premium Strategy  Plan 2019-20

Pupil Premium Strategy Plan evaluated 2018 -19

KV -strategy statement – evaluated 2017-2018

Free Meal Applications and Pupil Premium – letter for SPEB