World famous author Alan Gibbons visited school

Reading Inspiration – World famous author Alan Gibbons visited school

Local author and ex-Knowsley teacher, Alan Gibbons carried out workshops in our school last week. He is the author of books including: The Three Heads of Cerberus, Night Hunger, Shadow of the Minotaur and Total Football.

The children listened to Mr Gibbons encourage them to write, write and write some more as anyone could become a successful author as he did.

Following the talks, he went on to work with each class.

“Mr Gibbons motivated the children to produce some quality writing” stated Ms Price. Mr Gibbons guided the children’s writing on themes such as: Creative writing around the Vikings; an adventure story and persuasive writing. All the children left at the end of the day inspired to become writers – who knows, they may return as authors themselves!

“I always enjoy coming to Knowsley Village” stated a suitably impressed Mr Gibbons.