At Knowsley Village we care deeply that our children and adults achieve the most that they can from the school. To facilitate this and to enable the school to run effectively we have in place a number of policies and guidelines. We have included the most relevant for your information. Other policies are available from school directly. Please contact  Mrs Gallivan at the school office 0151 289 5349.


All policies have had an equality impact assessment and refer to our child protection policy


After School Club Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Behaviour policy

Behaviour_policy -_addendum_coronavirus

Breakfast Club Policy

Charging policy

Child Protection Policy and Procedures  September 2020

Code of Conduct 2019 – 20

Collection of Children Policy

Equality duty statement

Equality information Policy and objectives

Extended Child Care Policy

Home school agreement 2019 – 20

Homework Policy

Pupil Premium Policy 2018 – 19

Schools Complaints Policy and Procedure

SEND policy 2019-20

Twitter Policy


Privacy Notice


If you require paper copies of any document on the website please contact school office.